Thursday, 21 March 2013

Zimbabwe referendum- good places for information.

Zimbabwe approves new constitution
Good places for information include

The BBC website has the results. and some news stories.
Zimbabwe electoral commission has somem information on electoral reform and electoral law
The Constitution Select Committee has the text of the draft constitution.  plus information on reform.
This includes a  includes a timeline of events leading up to the referendum.

All Africa has some news reports from African newspapers.
Zimbabwe Referendum Watch
from Sokwanele' monitored the conduct of the election. The website includes reports of abuses of rights.
It also has  a useful colection of links to constitution blogs supporting  both the the yes and no viewpoints.

Election observers included the SADC Election Observation Mission to the Republic of Zimbabwe whose statement on the conduct of the vote can be read on their website
and the Election Resource centre Zimbabwe- read their accounts on their Twitter channel. Their interim report can be read on the Zimbabwean website.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Falkland Islands referendum- get the facts

This week the Falklander Islanders took part in a referendum about the future sovereignty of the islands.
The BBC website has a good FAQ on the poll and interviews with islanders.

The Falkland Islands official website has legal documents and papers relating to the referendum
 a statement on the outcome of the poll
and the results. It also has statements on relations with Argentina
HM Governors Office in the Falklands has statements reaffirming Britain's role.
See also statements on the UK FCO website

See the report from the International monitors on the conduct of the referendum

news coverage from the region includes.
Mercopress- an independent news agency based in Montevideo, Uruguay
and Penguin News
Falkland Island News network- comment from the local community.

For an alternative perspective.
See the twitter account of the
see also the National Congress which will discuss the issue.and the Foreign Ministry

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Kenya elections - see our recommended academic resources

Elections have been taking place in Kenya.
Here are some recommended academic resources for further research.
The BBC has an FAQ on the issues at stake. This guide also has links to photos, video content and voices from the electorate.
The BBC world service also has a useful Africa today podcast
Kenyan government websites (these may not be accessible as often down) Independent Boundaries Commission.

Useful news stories.
get coverage of polls, candidates and analysis.
All news stories from Africa.
Daily Nation Kenya

Has a social media sentiment tracker and blogs with discussion.
Standard media is another news service based in Kenya
Sabahi news

Election Monitors.
The following sites specialise in monitoring elections. Look for reports on violence and violation of human rights.
EU observation mission.
Carter Center .
Kenya National Commission human rights.
Kofi Annan Foundation
IFES - includes current and historic news about the electoral system.
Elections observation group. Kenyan based observers.
Kenyan Elections 2013- Peaceful Prevention and Community Reporting Project . The project is an initiative of the African Great Lakes Initiative of Friends Peace Teams, and works through the Friends (Quaker) church

ushaidi tool for citizens to monitor violence on maps. previous violence 2008. see also the blog.
and presentation.

Human Rights background.
International Crisis Group- background on human rights and the election.
ushaidi tool for citizens to monitor violence on maps.

Council on Foreign Relations background and discussion from the US think tank.
ICC court details of Kenyan cases
Human Rights Watch.
Amnesty International

EISA  South Africa is excellent at offering links and some full text reports from government and monitoring agencies.  
It has a Kenyan election archive.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Switzerland referendum - cap bankers bonuses

In the news this week the recent Swiss referendum- the
A three-part referendum will be held in on 3 March 2013 asked the electorate whether they supported a federal order on family policy, an amendment to the federal law on spatial planning, and an initiative on executive pay that would introduce binding shareholder votes on salary levels, as well as banning golden hellos for new employees and golden parachutes for departing staff. See the results on the Federal statistical website
Find out more about the text and legal position of the referendum on the Chancellerie federale website.

More information on the referendum can be found on these resources.
Direct democracy has some background on ther frequent use of referendums in Switzerland
The oui campaign website has details about Initiative populaire «contre les rémunérations abusives» du 3 mars 2013. Download documents relating to it too. Find out the supporters
Find out more about Thomas Minder from his official website.

the 2013 Office fédéral de la statistique has some useful official statistics on executive pay and bonuses in Switzerland.

New sources.
The following have some useful news and analysis
Get some basic English language news from Switzerland in the Swiss Review.
Le Matin has maps of voting outcomes.
Berner Zeitung.
Der Bund switzerland

Other useful swiss politics resources.
Department of Political Science Zurich swiss elections and referendum project.
C2D database- information on referendums worldwide.