Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Gambia elections - get some facts from our recommended resources.

Presidential elections were held in the Gambia on 1 December 2016 In a surprise result, opposition candidate Adama Barrow defeated long-term incumbent Yahya Jammeh. However there have been subsequenyt controversies with the aceptance of the results.

Here are some good websites for finding out more.
Africa Research institute has a basic background briefing
IFES has data from previous elections and some background information on the electoral system
The Independent Electoral Commission of Gambia has the official results

The website also has information about 2016 regulations plus election songs

Newspaper coverage.
 Al Jazeera has interviews with Mr Barrow
Local news coverage from Jollofnews
The Point 

Statements from Observers
West Africa Network for Peacebuilding has news and statements from observers from the region.

Ecowas UN and African Union statement regarding the political situation 10th December.
this replaces an earlier more positive statement made by the African Union on 5th December 2016

IHRDA’s Statement on the Annulment of Results of The Gambia’s Presidential Election by Out-going President on 9 December 2016

European Union statements.

UN briefing 14th December.
Earlier UN press releases

Background information on human rights and the state of democracy in the Gambia
Human Rights watch
Amnesty International
Foreign Affairs.
US Dept of State


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