Thursday, 10 May 2018

Lebanon elections 2018 -did Hezbollah win?

Al-Monitor asks the question about the winners of the May 6th 2018 elections in Lebanon.

Get some facts and debate form these resources.

IFES has background information on the system and lists of current and previous results.
UNDP elections assistance project has information on the administration , electoral law and programmes to improve democracy

Official Lebanese government website has news and results (Most Arabic)

news coverage
Daily Star Lebanon
Guardian UK
New york times

Election Observation.
EU mission

Background analysis on Lebanon politics
Council on Foreign Relations
Carnegie Endowment
Chatham House

Monday, 9 April 2018

OSCE criticism of Hungarian elections get the facts.

Hungarian elections were held recently.
the observation mission from the OSCE has criticised the conduct of the meeting. Find out why by downloading their full report.
they also have reports of earlier missions covering previous elections.

for official information try the Hungarian election commission
the National Parliament website has an English Language version with details of the electoral laws.
background information on the electoral system can be found on the IFES website. It includes results from previous events.

News service
Hungary today English language news had weekly round up of events.
Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty.

Hungarian media
24 hr
About Hungary - official blog of Hungarian prime minister government
Magyar Nemzet

Hungarian Spectrum features daily analyses of news from Hungary—political, economic, and cultural. Its editor and primary pundit is Eva S. Balogh, who formerly taught East European history at Yale University
Conversation blog.
Europp Blog.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Russia Elections 2018- get started with these academic resources

Russian elections will take place on the 18th March.

Get stated with the briefing papers from IFES there is also an FAQ and statistics.
the official election commission has  a site in English with facts from the perspective of the Russian government
Russian Public opinion research center has some presidential polls in English

Election observation mission has been deployed by the OSCE
The EU has made statements on the listing of certain election observation organisations as undesirable.
one of those listed is the European Platform for Democratic Elections. Its website has comments on the elections 

Think tank analysis
Carnegie Endowment
Brookings Institution analysis of foreign policy and Russia
Council on Foreign relations analysis of international security issues
Conversation blog
Chatham House
BBC monitoring

Newspaper coverage
New York Tiimes

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Italian elections get some academic facts

Italian went to the polls at the weekend.

Official information on the regulation and outcome of the elections can be located on the Ministry of the Interior website
which has also posted the results
The ministry also hosts a historical site with  results from the senate and European elections. Many dating back to 1948
For an English language version of historical results se the The European Journal of Political Research Political Data Yearbook (EJPR PDY), published by Wiley on behalf of the European Consortium for Political Research,  which has some information from 1987 onwards.
Italian National Election Studies conducts research on voter attitudes. Its website lists publications on past elections and has information about availability of data sets

Newspaper coverage
The main Italian newspapers have analysis pols and interviews.
La Stampe
Corriere della Sera
English Language
this also had a poll tracker
Washington Post
New York Times

Blog comments

The Conversation
Political Studies Association Italian politics group
SISE – Società Italiana di Studi Elettorali | Blog
CONGRIPS the Conference Group on Italian Politics and Society.- American Political Science Association.
Istituto Carlo Cattaneo



Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Costa Rica Elections 2018- free resources.

General elections will be held in Costa Rica on February 4, 2018 to elect both the President and Legislative Assembly.

Here are some resources to find out what is going on.

IFES has a good general guide to the electoral system

The Council of the Americas - has a background explainer on the nature and importance of the elections from the region.

Official information on the election (Spanish) can be obtained from the Tribunal Supremo. this includes lists of candiates regulations and results.

Newspaper coverage

La Nación’s election coverage
Seminario Universidad's political coverage
The Tico Times’ election coverage
includes Alvaro Murillo Primer
Murillo is a political commentator who also has his own twitter account

Organisations which will observe the conduct of the elections include


Reports from earlier elections can be viewed on the ACE project election observation portal

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Liberia elects new president - use our resources to get background

At the end of 2017 Liberians elected a new president. George Weah
The New York Times has some basic discussion of Mr Weah and the elections.

For the full election results and information on the electoral system and procedures see the official Election Commission website
Also useful is the The Liberia Elections Portal which is  a project of iLab Liberia with support from OSIWA
it is adding great geospatial elections data  visualizations from 2011 and 2017 . There are also links to observation reports from outside commentators.

for recent observations of the conduct of the 2017 presidential elections see.
USAID Liberia International election observation
See the European Union Mission which has some preliminary statements praising the process.
as does the African Union mission
NDI- preliminary statement - there are also other earlier assessments and reports on the state of democracy in the region.
Carter Center has a programme operatign in Liberia which observed elections in 2011 and 2017

further background on politics and human rights can be found
on USIP website
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch