Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Libya elections 2014 useful resources

Elections are schedules for 25th June.
The UN security Council released an announcement

For fuller information on the United Nations involvement consult the website of their mission in Libya.
the European Council on Foreign Relations has highlighted 3 things to look out for in its blog. The website also has further discussion papers on what Europe can do in the future
background information on the electoral system can be found on the IFES website.

Libya Herald coverage.

International human rights groups coverage

International Crisis Group.
NDI - has public opinion polls from the region on the transition to democracy
UK Foreign Office human rights and democracy report on Libya.
Democracy Reporting International assessment reports on the state of the constitution and electoral law.
Bertelsmann transformation report on transitions index

International security think tanks coverage

Congressional Research report on Libya transition and US foreign policy
Carnegie Endowment reports
Council on Foreign Relations
Brookings Institution
Rand reports
Memri Middle East research institute

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Colombia presidential elections- a vote for peace?

Juan Manuel Santos has won re-election in Colombia in a dramatic presidential contest

The Economist stated that this was a vote for peace.

This was echoed on the Colombia politics website

Here are some more resources to explore.

Coverage of the elections is extensive in the English language Colombia Reports
and the Americas Society blog. Comment on the Justice for Colombia blog
and LAinfo.es blog

 In Spanish look at Bogota newspapers:
El Tiempo newspaper coverage and analysis
El Spectador

IFES has a general guide to the electoral system and previous results.

The official Colombian election commission has a website in Spanish with results and statements on the conduct and administration of the election

The OAS praised the conduct of the elections. search the website to find out more details about is observation of the elections.

However the inspector general also received reports of electoral irregularities.
Reporte Consolidado: 141 Denuncias Por Posibles Delitos Electorales Recibió La Procuraduría General De La Nación Durante El Día De Hoynspector General’s Office Press Release)

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Syria presidential elections - transparent or a whitewash?

This week Bashar al-Assad won re-election as the Syrian president.
The Syrian Arab news Agency praised the transparency of the elections in a number of articles.
other useful sources for news coverage of the elections include:

and IFES has a background guide to the electoral system and previous results.

Assessments of the state of human rights and democracy in Syria.
The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic United Nations reports.
Open democracy net.has some discussion from bloggers prior to the elections
Amnesty International  This is also supporting the Eyes on Syria website which is mapping and monitoring human rights abuses.
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.  has news and reports of violations in the area.
Finally try searching the great ISN website for links to publications and blog postings coverign Syria and international security.