Monday, 21 December 2015

Spanish elections get the facts

Spain went to the polls recently.
get the facts behind the election and the results using our academic links

the official website of the central election authority has background information on the electoral system, legislation . It is possible to generate maps of results.
The Ministry of the Interior website has information for voters and preliminary results.
Spain political data yearbook information from before the elections

News coverage of events.
Guardian newspaper.
El Pais
El Mundo
Spain report - English translations of Spanish text
RTVE has access to online TV debates between leaders
as well as analysis and news coverage 


It includes a very good background explainer.
EUROPP - LSE. it includes live blog coverage of the polling night

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Saudi Arabia first women councillors elected - academic resources

This week the first women councillors were elected in local elections in Saudi Arabia

Here are some useful resources for investigating this further

This is the official ministry site from Saudi Arabia (Arabic language ) which has details of local elections and electoral procedures.

National Geographic has interviews with candidates and women voters has discussion from women members of the Baladi campaign which supports womens political rights. This should be the home page of the movement (Arabic so unable to verify)

Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain has some reports from women in the region as well as commentary

Guardian newspaper coverage

Useful programme from NPR which considers levels of turnout

IKnow politics the International Network of women in Politics has news, comment and articles on women in politics in the region

For background on womens human rights in Saudi Arabia and how they compare to other nations see the UNDP gender inequality index on the Human development reports website. See the entry for Saudi Arabia

Human Rights Watch 2015 report on Saudi Arabia

IPU has data on womens representations in parliaments worldwide

This masters thesis from University of Washington 2014 has a useful bibliographic on womens rights

This article reviews the status of women in Saudi Arabia published in the American Journal of education has been written by Ministry of education officials

Commentary from think tanks and academic groups

Al Monitor

Middle East Policy Council

Monday, 7 December 2015

Venezuela elections November 2015- get some facts from academic resources

This week elections took place in Venezuela what were the results? what was the background and possible outcome?
find out more using our recommended academic resources.

The official electoral body has a website with results and regulations.

IFES has some background information on the elections plus discussion of the conduct. 
CRS Insight prepared as a background for US politicians.

News services

AVN (spanish language) 
El Nacional 
Guardian newspaper
Economist has a primer and discussion.
 New York Times editorial (from November) and news
Venezuela is a project of Venezuela Analysis, Inc., which is registered as a non-profit organization in New York State and of the Fundación para la Justicia Económica Global,

Americans Barometer polls on political attitudes. 1995-2014

Think tank reports
these provide background to the political/ human rights situation. state of democracy
Brookings Institution
International Crisis Group
Foreign Policy
Council on Foreign Relations 
Carnegie Endowment 
Amnesty International 
Human Rights Watch