Monday, 23 February 2015

Uk Elections 2015: sites for academic research

Just launched our new page
We will be adding links to key sites. The main emphasis will be upon sites for academic research. This will include manifestos from the main political parties as well as  statements and 'manifestos' issued by pressure groups and charities ahead of the elections in order to influence political party thinking.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Slovakia referendum to ban same-sex marriage fails - see our recommended academic resources

This week a referendum in Slovakia failed to outlaw gay marriages and child adoptions because the vote attracted less than the minimum 50% of voters necessary to make it valid.
Details of the official results can be found on the Slovakian statistical website. This also gives the questions.

Supporters of the referendum included the Conference of Slovak Bishops.
The Christian conservative activism platform CitizenGo, also supported the campaign.
and Pope Francis

human rights organisations criticised the move as homophobic.See the Human rights watch website and Amnesty International 
Other discussion can be seen in local newspaper the Slovak Spectator.

To what extent is  Slovak society homophobic?
A Eurobarometer poll in 2006  (page 41) found that 19% of Slovaks supported same sex marriage and 81% opposed, while 12% supported and 84% opposed LGBT adoption.
A European Social Survey in 2010 found that 42% of Slovaks believe that “gay men and lesbians should be free to live their own lives as they wish. Eastbook has presented some analysis of trends in Eastern Europe.
Danish Institute for Human Rights reported in 2009 on the situation regarding homophobia and discrimination in Slovakia on sexual orientation grounds with the conclusion attitudes were largely negative.
For a comparative perspective look at surveys and reports on LGBT rights and homophobia from FRA and ILGA Europe. which has a press statement on the recent referendum.