Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Kazakhstan Presidential elections 2015 - 97.7 % victory

Presidential elections were held in Kazakhstan on 26 April 2015. Nursultan Nazarbayev of Nur Otan, got his 5th term of office wining 97.7% of the vote.

Here are some useful links:
The Central Electoral Commission has an official website in English which has recent and past results and details of electoral law.

The OSCE monitored the elections and found in its preliminary report a 'lack of voter choice' . Its website also has notices and reports relating to earlier observations in the region.

Other organisations with reports on the recent state of democracy in the region include:

United Nations reports on the state of ratification and observations relating to UN documents.

Indeed in its 2015 State of Freedom in the World Report it ranked it as unfree. The full report provides details of the methodology used.

Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights. has English language news and reports relating to government policy and also links to international monitoring reports.

IFEX has recent reports on lack of freedom of expression in the region.

Open Democracy - recent bloggers discussion.

operated by the Eurasia Program of the Open Society Foundations. has commentary and recent news reports.

UK Election news this week

This week the   

Libdems release disability manifesto

commentary on the main party manifestos- here is a selection of what we have added

Nuffield trust
Centre for Social Justice debate on compassion in British politics.

Get the full results and more on our scoop.it page which has links to the latest manifestos and comment.

other major new Sites for election decision making this week.

Fantasy Front page
Who would be your fantasy front bench for the UK government choose 22 politicians. This fun open source tool has been created with the support of mySociety and Joseph Rowntree Trust using data from Public Whip and They Work For You. It encourages voters to deepen their knowledge of the work of politicians by providing them with information on individual MP voting records on specific issues.

Other recommended voter education tools for 2015 include:

Democratic dashboard find out the facts and figures about local constituencies.

Vote for policies not personalities. – supported by the Joseph Rowntree Trust. Encourages voters to examine the content of the manifestos

Who gets my vote from Queen Mary College. Answer the questions to find out your party.

Position dial produced in collaboration with the University of Westminster enables users to compare their own viewpoint with party policies using a online dial.

Vote match from unlock democracy. Take the quiz and in under 5 minutes find out who you should vote for!

Remember we are storing more reports and reaction on our scoop.it page

Try our scoop.it page which has links to the latest manifestos and comment.


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Finland elections April 2015

The 2015 Finnish parliamentary election was held on 19 April 2015
The Ministry of Justice has an official website in English. This provides free access to information on the electoral system, lists of registered parties,  Results will be posted on a special elections page.
For past elections data the European Election database has results on presidential, European and parliamentary elections from approximately 2009 onwards. Statistics Finland has detailed data on voter turnout, elections results and numbers of candidates. This includes both historic and current data.

Past election studies. For advice on election research see the Election research in Finland portal which has advice on sources. This includes links to National Election studies from 2003 onwards.
The Finnish National Data archive has information on other datasets. some of which can be downloaded from the website. They include voter barometers dating from 1973 onwards. Browse the list
YLE newspaper site (Finnish and English ) has results by district plus analysis. Watch some of their online films of election night.
Read some analysis of the campaigns from the EUROPP blog.
Election Observation Project AEGEE-Europe is monitoring the elections.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Election 2015- this week's update

Election 2015: keep up to date

This week the   major manifesto launches from

Conservative Party





Labout women

Get the full results and more on
Try our scoop.it page which   has  links to the latest manifestos and comment.

other major new Sites with content this week
Operation Black vote new campaign http://www.obv.org.uk/FeaturedVideo

Election debate visualisation project

Election 2015: TV debates.

Democratic reflection App
The Election Debate Visualisation (EDV) project a collaboration between The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) at The Open University and the University of Leeds . It was created in 2010 to analyse sand study the nature and impact of the first televised leaders debates . Its website has details of the study and a number of online research papers with its findings. For 2015 it has created a democratic reflection app which allows users on mobile devices to record instant responses and feedback to the televised debates. The website has examples and details about the ongoing analysis.

For those with Access to Box of Broadcasts the film and transcript of recent debates can be found at
Cameron and Miliband Live 26th March Channel 4 http://bobnational.net/record/284466
ITV leaders debate 2nd April http://bobnational.net/record/285939
BBC election debate 16th April http://bobnational.net/record/288650

Get the full results and more on
Try our scoop.it page which   has  links to the latest manifestos and comment.

Heather Dawson
LSE Library

Monday, 13 April 2015

UK election 2015 update.

In a letter to the Guardian more than 100 senior doctors assess their view of the coalition record on health . Trends on health policy in the election can be tracked using the special Kings Fund Election tracker. The Royal College of Nursing also has a regular weekly round up of health care announcements

Get the full results and more on
Try our scoop.it page which   has  links to the latest manifestos and comment.

other major new Sites this week:
Migration Policy Institute assessment of the impact of immigration on the campaign

Sunday, 5 April 2015

UK election 2015 this week's update

As Nuffield Health releases a survey on the impact of campaigning on the health of prospective MPs
Health 25% have been chased or bitten by dogs!

Get the full results and more on
Try our scoop.it page which has links to the latest manifestos and comment.

this includes:
Labour's letter of support from working people
Published in response to Conservative party supporters letter in the Telegraph
Labour Party Business manifesto
Libdem manifesto for the mind

other major new Sites this week:

Voter education sites for the undecided.

Bite the bullet – and Demos have built a youth orientated voter tool called Voter intended to raise voting amongst 18-24 year olds.

Vote Match from Unlock Democracy – uses a simple online quiz to help voters choose their party

Democratic dashboard from Democratic Audit (LSE) provides voters with more in=-depth information about their local constituenc

This includes recent results, voter power (how safe is the seat)

socio economic indicators, forecasts and data on campaign spending.

See LSE Library historic resources