Sunday, 5 April 2015

UK election 2015 this week's update

As Nuffield Health releases a survey on the impact of campaigning on the health of prospective MPs
Health 25% have been chased or bitten by dogs!

Get the full results and more on
Try our page which has links to the latest manifestos and comment.

this includes:
Labour's letter of support from working people
Published in response to Conservative party supporters letter in the Telegraph
Labour Party Business manifesto
Libdem manifesto for the mind

other major new Sites this week:

Voter education sites for the undecided.

Bite the bullet – and Demos have built a youth orientated voter tool called Voter intended to raise voting amongst 18-24 year olds.

Vote Match from Unlock Democracy – uses a simple online quiz to help voters choose their party

Democratic dashboard from Democratic Audit (LSE) provides voters with more in=-depth information about their local constituenc

This includes recent results, voter power (how safe is the seat)

socio economic indicators, forecasts and data on campaign spending.

See LSE Library historic resources

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