Thursday, 9 October 2014

Brazil presidential elections recomended research resources

After the first round in the Brazilian presidential elections - try our recommended research resources.
A good starting point are the facts on the BBC website.

The Council of the Americas also has good introduction and up to date  blog postings in its 2014 elections guide. There is also the IFES basic guide.

For official information on the electoral system see the  official Electoral tribunal which has a history and details about current regulations in English or Portuguese

For local newspaper/ news service coverage with analysis of the polls and results try Folha de s Paolo
Correio Braziliense
Carta Capital blogs and news. 

Foreign analysis
Wilson Center has created a Brazil elections portal which has blogs, news stories and analysis 
Latin American Monitor provides brief free risk analysis for business of election outcomes.
The Conversation- UK academic analysis
Council on Hemispheric Affairs USA
CSIS strategic analysis on expectations for US foreign policy
Further foreign policy analysis by Council on Foreign Relations
Celag analysis pre-election. El Centro Estratégico Latinoamericano de Geopolítica (CELAG)
Latin American Bureau blog commentary.

Friday, 3 October 2014

After the referendum

After the referendum

Unlock Democracy has published a paper by Alan Renwick which is discussing the design of a constitutional convention. They also have an online petition campaign. There is still time to access our earlier blog postings on useful links and academic readings relating to the historic vote. The Conversation is also a good place to find academic discussion on the outcome.

Also published this week- a House of Commons Library briefing summarising the outcome. which has useful data on the turnout and voting percentages.