Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Coming soon Haiti elections.

Parliamentary elections are due to be held in Haiti on  9 August 2015
these have been delayed by protests.
Here are some useful background links to get started on  researching the topic.

IPU has background information on the electoral system

Le Conseil Electoral Provisoire has current laws, lists of candidates and information in French about the conduct of the elections.
ACE project has background information on the electoral system including links to past election observation reports from the 1990s onwards.

News coverage.
Haiti Libre has stories and polls. 
it also has reports from the  the Citizen Observatory for Institutionalizing Democracy (OCID), a consortium of civil society composed of the Civil Society Initiative (ISC), the Ecumenical Center for Human Rights humans (ECHR) and JURIMEDIA,
Alterpresse is an alternative news network that frequently published news stories in French about elections and human rights topics.

Election observation Missions.
These organisations will be deploying missions to assess the state of democracy and conduct of the elections.
European Union
OAS - Organisation of American states
Minustah - United Nations mission in the region has comments 

 Human rights reports relating to Haiti
These organisations provide access to background news and reports on issues relating to human rights and democracy
Citizen Observatory for Institutionalizing Democracy (OCID) has reported on a variety of recent topics. These include:
Registration of candidates.
Diagnosis of civic engagement in the context of the 2015 elections in Haiti (in French) 
 Institute for Justice and Democracy - Haiti. Examples include the 2015 paper ensuring fair elections a legal analysis. 
They have also created a 2015 elections blog.This has analysis of news articles.