Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Coming soon Turkey elections.- November 2015

Still relevant our posting of resources relating to the earlier round of elections in the Summer
Al- Monitor raised concerns about the impact on security of the snap elections.

resources monitoring security and its relationship to the elections include:
PGI Intelligence

Council on Foreign Relations
Washington Institute 
Research Turkey- has articles with economic and political analysis
Economist analysis
CFC global conflict tracker has resources on political conflict in Turkey

Up to date coverage of polls and news
can be found in Turkish news source Hurriyet  
 James in Turkey blog from an English based journalist. sumarises polls in English.

Turkey: Report from the Conference on Independent Civil Monitoring of Elections covers the conduct in July 2015


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Catalan elections useful academic links.

Here are some links relating to the recent Catalan regional elections

Official results 
Get results notices and information on election procedures from the Catalan regional government website.

 Analysis Debate and discussion
Catalonia votes  is an excellent English language website from
the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT), a public-private partnership designed to foster dialogue and connect the citizens of Catalonia with the rest of the world. It includes a series of links to a collection of policy papers from academics. Many cover regional independence issues.
CIDOB has some papers on the possible economic effects of secession
Anuari PolĂ­tic de Catalunya annual political review from Institute of Political and Social Sciences (ICPS)

CEO conducts regular political barometers on attitudes towards independence. the newspapers listed below also have features on public opinion.

The Conversation blog - Academics from Uk Universities.
Centre on Constitutional Change
Open Democracy Net

News coverage.
BBC coverage.
Spain report - monitors Spanish language press and provides independent analysis. Some services of the site are fee based.
El Pais
La Vanguardia

El Periodico
El Mon - catalan