Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Senegal elections did they set a good example?

According to the BBC the conduct was a shining example for African democracy
as the defeated candidate conceded defeat gracefully.
Get some more information on events using these recommended resources.
The official government website has the full results and press releases.
The official elections website has background information on the conduct of the elections.
get news headlines from the Sud Quotidien
The Ace Project has some news stories, background information on the electoral system
The African Union has statements on the conduct of the election.
finally an interesting website from the The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations for Elections (COSCE) Senegal Scrutin which has real time mappings of conditions and violations at election stations.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Slovak elections 2012

A parliamentary election took place in Slovakia on 10 March 2012 to elect 150 members of the Národná rada. The election followed the fall of Prime Minister Iveta Radičová's Slovak Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party-led coalition in October 2011 over a no confidence vote her government failed because of its support for the European Financial Stability Fund.
The statistics Bureau of Slovakia - recorded the official result and voter turnout figures.
The European Election database- enables you to compare this with results since 1990 at both national and regional levels.
For background on the political system see the Ministry of the Interior website.
If you are looking for English Language material. A good starting point is the ACE project which links to key news stories and reports covering the most recent and some past elections. It includes election observation reports from the OSCEFor recent polls see Focus research
The Slovak Spectator has covered these and other stories in English.
Other Slovakia news services include: SME
Etrend - economics news.
Finally try UCL SSEES twitter feed for comment and links to resources. The library also maintains a good Internet guide to resources about Slovakia.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Russian Elections - are you surprised by the outcome?

At the weekend Russians were voting in the Presidential elections
Get some English Language news from the BBC, the Guardian newspaper, Moscow Times ITAR-TASS (official government news service)RIAN-VOSTI
Voice of Russia funded by the Russian state.
For accounts of election observations see the ODIHR who has deployed a mission. The Russian Central Election Commission also has results, reports and background information on the system.
Other sources for information and analysis of past and current elections include: Russia Votes. Surveys and analysis conducted by Centre for the Study of Public Policy, University of Strathclyde. Look at recent approval ratings and results from 1996 onwards.
Amnesty International discussion of Russian human rights policy
Human Rights Watch has reports that voters were harassed.
Jamestown Foundation reports on Russian security issues