Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Egypt referendum - what's new what does it mean?

Recently votes went to the polls concerning changes to the Egyptian constitution. What are they what do they mean? here are some places to find out more.

There is a good C-Span video with Steven Cook, senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. The 26 min programme  covers  Egypt’s protests, the referendum vote, and what’s next for Egyptian President Morsi
Al -Jazeera has some discussion, including an interview with individuals involved in re-writing the consitution.

The Egyptian Government website has an English language translation.
The Middle East Constitutional Forum website created by the Right to non violence (  an international NGO, established in Lebanon and in the United States) also has comment.
Discussion of the state of democracy in Egypt can be found on major human rights websites including.
Amnesty International.
Human Rights watch
International Crisis Group.
National Council for Human Rights - Egyptian based organisation giving an onn the ground viewpoint.
Major research bodies with papers and reports online include: Council on Foreign Affairs,
Brookings Institution.
NDI Egypt.
merip - Middle East Innovation and research project