Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Honduras elections - what was the outcome were they fair?

General elections were held in Honduras on November 24, 2013. Voters went to the polls to elect a new President of Honduras to serve a four-year term starting January 27, 2014; 128 members to serve four-year terms in the National Congress; 298 Mayors and vice-mayors
The official results have been posted on the
Tribunal Supremo Electoral Honduras. There are links to 2013 data on the left.
Basic facts about the electoral system and past elections are on the IFES website.

However some human rights organisations have raised concerns about the state of human rights in the region.

Amnesty International comment.
Human Rights Watch
OAS - has some coverage of earlier human rights issues.
The Center for Constitutional Rights has also issued some statements about the conduct of the elections.
The Carter Center has been observing the elections and has issued a statement.
US State Department report on human rights in Honduras 2012
National Popular Resistance Front or National People's Resistance Front (Spanish: Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular, FNRP ( a wide coalition of Honduran grassroots organisations and political parties and movements that aims to restore elected President Manuel Zelaya ) also has articles about human rights concerns on the website.
Past reports and election censuses can also be downloaded from the NDI site which has worked on projects on the region.

Newspaper coverage of the elections - including stories, analysis and polls can be viewed onlineon these websites.

Economist Americas Blog.
New York Times
La Prensa (Honduras) Spanish.
El Heraldo- Honduras.
La Tribuna Honduras

Monday, 18 November 2013

Chile presidential elections - try these recommended websites.

on the 17th Chilean presidential elections took place.
Find out more about the results and the second round of voting using these resources.

IFES has a good basic guide to the electoral system.
Another good basic guide is the Council of the Americas briefing.
The Chilean government has official information on timing for voters. (Spanish)
It also has a historic election results server which covers the period from 1989-2012.
Plus more detailed information on the 2013 process on its current website.

News/ blogs coverage
The Washington Post blog monkey cage has comment.
It includes analysis from LSE PHD candidate Kenneth Bunker. More can be viewed on his twitter account.
Economist coverage
Guardian coverage

Chilean newspaper coverage.

Nacio - state owned newspaper.
El Mercurio
La Segunda
Radio UChile coverage.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Tajikistan presidential elections find out more

Here are our recommended resources for information.

IFES election guide has facts and figures on turn out in recent elections and the electoral system.
For recent news accounts of the conduct of the campaigns see
National news agency of Tajikistan
EIN News - reported that the elections lacked genuine debate
Radio Free liberty (note this organisation has connections with the USA)
Euraasia net
Global Voices online has stories from bloggers

Concerns have been raised by human rights organisations.
In its 2013 report Freedom House found the state of freedom of the press to be unfree- The full report can be consulted on its website.
Human Rights watch reports.
Amnesty International
International Crisis group

ETajikistan has links to reports from human rights organisations.
National Movement of Tajikstan is a human rights organisation which is campaigning for fair and free elections in 2013.
The OSCE is monitoring the election on the 6th and has preliminary reports on its website