Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Uzbekistan presidential elections 2015- our recommended links

Presidential elections have been taking place in Uzbekistan
Here are some recomended links for finding more

IFES election guide provides insight into the system and recent research results.

The Official Election Commission website has the latest news results and further background on the system
observation of the conduct of the 2015 elections have been undertaken by Organization of Islamic Cooperation

and the OSCE the website includes statements from recent and past elections.

Concerns about the democratic structure have also been raised by Human Rights Watch
UK Foreign and Commonwealth office in its 2014 annual report
Amnesty International
United Nations human rights reports relating to Uzbekistan.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Nigeria Presidential elections 2015 - our recommended research resources.

Get a basic introduction to the elections, main candidates and electoral system from the BBC service

Independent Electoral Commission has the official facts. This includes information for voters as well as a researchers area with Risk maps 

Nigeriaelections.org  a project of the Department for International Development (DFID/UKAID) and the West African NGO Network (WANGONeT) it has news and reports promoting free elections in Nigeria.

News coverage
All africa.com aggregates news stories from a range of sources including African
Nigerian Guardian
Vanguard - Nigerian newspaper
Nigerian Observer

Election Observers.

Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) launched a unique Pre-Election Observation, PREO, in 2014 which surveys the situation and risk of political violence.
These organisations will be monitoring the conduct of the elections.
Commonwealth Observers.
African Union.
International Republican Institute
Nigerian Civil Society situation room - NGOs within Nigeria monitoring the conduct.

Council for Foreign Relations analysis.
Chatham House.
Brookings Institution
International Crisis Group

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Israel elections - our recommended links

Early elections for the twentieth Knesset will be held in Israel on 17 March 2015.
The Official website of the Central Electoral Commission  provides information in English about the electoral system and procedure.

Haartz has a polls site which provides useful predictions of the possible outcome.
BICOM, the Britain Israel Communications & Research Centre, (British organisation dedicated to creating a more supportive environment for Israel in Britain) polls.
Jeremy's Knesset insider from a political analyst also has commentary on recent polls.
Project 61 Run by analyst Nehemia Gershuni, and drawing its name from the 61 seats required to form a majority coalition in the Knesset, also has a twitter account.

 News services
Israel elections com is summarising polls and analysis from Israeli sources.
Times of Israel 
Jerusalem Post - also Lahav Harkov, Knesset reporter at the Jerusalem Post
Al-Jazeera coverage
Middle East Monitor has some info graphics on key issues
Channel 2’s Amit Segal to Channel 10s Nadav Perry,

Think Tank resources
Israel Democracy  Institute
includes articles, polls analysis of voters.
Brookings Institution analysis of Israel, politics and elections
Council on Foreign relations - analysis of Israel and foreign policy
Rand - analysis of Israel and security

Israel National Election studies has links to data and analysis of previous elections from 1969 onwards.