Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Japan elections: how badly did the DJP do?

Japanese elections on the 11th July lead to a loss of seats for the Democratic Party.
Here are some starting points on what was at stake and how to find out more about Japanese politics.
CSIS Center for Strategic and International Studies has a good introduction to the issues and the implications of the results for the foreign policy of the USA.

The Liberal Democratic Party has its own website where you can find news stories, manifestos and analysis of events.
Other political parties such as the Social Democratic Party have their own viewpoints.
However, if you are looking for English language stories. Some recomended starting points are:

IFES election Guide which also has links to brief summaries of statistics on past elections.
The ACE Electoral Project has some articles on the issues at stake. There are also some links to about a dozen papers and articles on electoral reform in Japan on the site.
Japanese Broadcasting Corporation website NHK World has some reports, video interviews with coverage and reactions to the elections.
Japan News Review is an online newspaper/news aggregator founded in 2007, based in Sweden. It contains news stories linking to English-language articles and its own translations of Japanese.
finally dont forget Japanese Politics Central. This great site website hosted by the University of Virginia, brings together information on various aspects of Japanese politics, including election results; cabinet and party support rates; biographies of Japanese politicians; and bibliographic information. The "bibliography on Japanese politics topics" presents extensive bibliographic resources in alphabetically organized topic areas, and should be useful to anyone embarking on studies in Japanese politics.

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