Friday, 22 October 2010

Bahrain elections- are human rights a concern?

Parliamentary elections are due to take place in Bahrain on 23rd October.
Recently Human Rights watch raised concerns about their conduct. Other monitors hve focussed on the lack of women in politics.
Here are some more useful starting points for getting more information.
There is an official Bahrain government election site (Arab only)
Government body Supreme Council for Women has some basic facts in English about the role of women in decision making in Bahrain.

The ACE Project has facts about the electoral system , electoral laws and recent results.
IKnow International Network for Women in Politics has issued appeals for more women to be involved. Read their news and reports Likewise the Womens Learning Partnership also has discussion of sex discrimination in Bahrain politics.

The Arab Reform Bulletin from the Carnegie Endowment has articles on politics, human rights, democracy and women which you may find useful.

The Project on Middle East Democracy also discusses the state of politics.

The Bahrain Human rights monitor is a monthly newsletter on all aspects of human rights. Its website has some recent news on the elections.

Other sources of information on Human rights are Freedom House
and the Bahrain Human Rights watch Society which is hoping to create a new site to cover events. (to date this had not appeared).

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