Friday, 21 January 2011

Portugal - forthcoming presidential election

On the 23rd January Portugal is due to have a presidential election.
Here are some starting points for research.
IFES has the basic facts on the candidates and electoral system
The National Electoral Commission of Portugal has far more detailed information (in Portuguese) about the process and official government documents.
All the canidadates have their own webpages.
Cavaco Silva official website
Manuel Alegre official website
Fernando Nobre official website
Francisco Lopes official website
Defensor Moura official website
José Manuel Coelho official website
Other good starting points for coverage are national newspapers which have stories, analysis and polls.
Some key examples from Portugal are:
Journal de Noticias
Diaria de Noticias
Portuguese TV station RTP1 (public service) also has information
Finally regulatory authority ERC has information about recent opinion polls

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