Thursday, 21 April 2011

AV Referendum 6th May - starting points see Victor the Vote Counter and More!

While this isnt an election as it is a major referendum and will effect future voting patterns. This blog will be presenting a toolkit of useful sites over the next few days. Here are some basic starting points. Use these tro find out what is going to happen in the referendum and the nature of the changes proposed.

About My Vote is a public site maintained by the UK Electoral Commission. It provides information on the issues and how to vote. See Victor the Vote Counter for an explanation of different votong systems.

AV and electoral reform- this This report from the House of Commons Library gives in depth analysis of the proposed AV electoral system, its history in the UK, and an examination of its advantages and disadvantages. It also includes notes on the Regulation of holding a referendum in the Uk and existing voting systems in the UK You might also for background information like to look at the Jenkins report 1997 which reviewed electoral systems for the government. It constains in-depth analysis of different alternatives and recommended a form of AV

the main campaign sites are No to AV
yes to fairer Votes
Both have blogs, discussion forums and online campaign materials.

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