Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Oman elections - did they answer activist demands?

Recently Oman went to the polls. A number of newspapers asked the question of whether the elections would settle protestors demands.
Times of Oman reported a poll turnout success.
Al- Jazeera also referred to high turnout. as did the Oman Observer
The Government Ministry of information also hailed the success.
However in the past Freedom House has been critical of the state of democracy in Oman. Likewise
Human Rights Watch

Gulf Analyst JE Peterson
has a number of articles on the political situation in Oamn which can be downloaded free from his website.
The Gulf Research center think tank also has analysis and news.
Arab Human Rights Index also has materials.
Finally try looking at Human Security Gateway which links to a collection of recent academic papers on politics and human rights from think tanks

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