Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Arab spring - useful sources for tracing electoral reform information

In December the EU launched its own response to the Arab spring
This memo highlights reactions from the EU to events in specific nations.It includes details of aid.
Here are some other recommended starting points.
News services.
Guardian blogs and news analysis from the Middle East. There is also a separate news stories page.
Aljazeera - includes live blogs and video content
BBC news
Lede Blog from New York Times.
Speigel Online
Economist - includes access to many articles from the journal. See the interesting Shoe throwers index from Feb 2011 for graphs and predictions.
Other think tanks with analysis and reports include:
The Carnegie Endowment.
Council on Foreign Relations.
Brookings Institution.
Chatham House. For instance see the transcript of a recent event on Israel and the Arab spring Which was held in London In December 2011.

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