Tuesday, 24 April 2012

London Mayor Elections 2012- get started with research

In May the 2012 London Mayor elections will take place. this is the first of our special posts to get you started with academic research.

What does the mayor do?
Try reading this briefing paper from the House of Commons Library
The GLA website has information on decision making and the structure of government in London.
For academic discussion see the Centre for Cities - which has papers on the roles of elected mayors
The Institute for Government has conducted extensive research on the role and impact of elected mayors. see their website for news and reports. The Warwick Commission on Elected Mayors and City Leadership was established by Warwick University. It published a report in April 2012 which contained interviews with over 40 mayors. You can also search the PSA (Political Studies association) proceedings to find some conference papers.

2012 elections.
London Elects  - designed for the voter find out when and how to vote. Includes past election results.

Electoral Commission Includes guidance and resources for returning officers. Search the election reports to get research papers on the conduct of past elections.
All of the candidates have their own websites. Most with use of social media such as facebook, twitter, blogs. Here are the links.
Ken Livingstone (Labour) Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Main supporters websites United4ken – unite union support

Yourken – for activists need to sign in via facebook or twitter. 
Boris Johnson (Conservative) Back Boris , Facebook, Twitter
Not ken again site from Boris campaign

There are also some Boris watch sites. You decide wehter they support him or not?
Boris Watch
Sack Boris 2012

Brian Piddick (LibDems) Twitter, YouTube
London Liberal Democrats
LibDem voice - supporters and their blogs.
LibDem blogs portal to a wide range

Jenny Jones (Green party), Facebook, Twitter

Lawrence Webb –(UKIP) Facebook, LinkedIn

Carlos Cortiglia (British National Party) BNP TV

 Hope not hate criticism

Siobhan Benita (independent) Twitter pledgebank site

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