Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Ireland fiscal recovery referendum : was it a yes to recovery?

This week Ireland voted yes to its latest referendum on the fiscal recovery treaty.This related to proposed amendments to the Irish constitution to enable the ratification of the EU fiscal recovery treaty. See the text here. see the stability treaty campaign website for the yes vote.
opponents used websites and social media. see the nofiscal compact twitter
Vote no website. Campaign against the austerity treaty blog.
Sinn Fein no vote campaign materials. It also has a weekly round up of the referendum campaigns.

While not strictly speaking an election- as a major vote here are some starting points for finding out more.
The Referendum Commission is the indepepndent body which oversees referendums in irewlnad. Its website has legal facts and results from previous referendums. It created a specific site for the 2012 referendum for the electorate which has guides to the treaty.
Newspaper coverage from the
Irish Times.
Irish Independent
RTE produced an amendment guide. It also has pages of news headlines and programme coverage.
The Journal has online coverage from the campaigns.
TV 3 has video footage of news and debates
Guardian coverage.
Discussion on the EUROPP blog.
Finally the Institute of International and European Affairs has an interesting website with discussion. This includes articles, blogs and analysis of the treaty and associated referendum. There are examples of infographics being used to convey the complex messages.

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