Thursday, 14 March 2013

Falkland Islands referendum- get the facts

This week the Falklander Islanders took part in a referendum about the future sovereignty of the islands.
The BBC website has a good FAQ on the poll and interviews with islanders.

The Falkland Islands official website has legal documents and papers relating to the referendum
 a statement on the outcome of the poll
and the results. It also has statements on relations with Argentina
HM Governors Office in the Falklands has statements reaffirming Britain's role.
See also statements on the UK FCO website

See the report from the International monitors on the conduct of the referendum

news coverage from the region includes.
Mercopress- an independent news agency based in Montevideo, Uruguay
and Penguin News
Falkland Island News network- comment from the local community.

For an alternative perspective.
See the twitter account of the
see also the National Congress which will discuss the issue.and the Foreign Ministry

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