Thursday, 5 September 2013

Coming soon Australia elections - try these recommended starting points

Elections are due to take place in Australia very soon.
here are our starting points for keeping up to date!

Government websites.

The Australian Electoral Commission has a detailed website for the 2013 elections.
it includes lists of candidates
timetables, factsheets, legislation and more.
The Electoral Council of Australia explains the electoral system clearly. It also has research on the effectiveness and operation.

these services include polls, news stories, interviews and discussion from the campaigns.

Canberra Times
ABC News
Global Mail - has a powerhouse section which has analysis of data and some interactive games.
Australian Times
Sydney Morning Herald
Yahoo and 7 news coverage
YouTube: Australia votes channel - note includes satire and manifesto campaigns

Huffington Post

Academic commentary.
The Conversation independent news service which includes comment from academic sources. based in Australia.
Australian Policy and History Network commentary linking historical events with current circumstances
Election watch 2013 - University of Melbourne
Includes campaign ads, cartoons and satire

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