Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Costa Rica elections - free academic resources which we recommend

On the 2nd Feb 2014 elections will be taking place in Costa Rica.
here are some resources we recommend for researchers.

IFES Election guide has basic data on the electoral system and voter turnout from previous elections.
The Political Database of the Americas also has basic electoral system and elections data from previous elections.
Vanderbilt University LAPOP has previous surveys of voter opinion  and attitudes to democracy in Costa Rica.
the Electoral Tribunal has official information from the government in Spanish. See documents.

Newspaper coverage
Try La Nacion which has a special section.
Ojo al voto launched by the University of Costa Rica (the weekly newspaper Semanario Universidad, Canal UCR - Channel UCR - and three radio broadcasters) and the University’s research centers, to create an election news platform

For coverage from political commentators see.
Global voices has discussion of new online platforms for young voters as well as comment from bloggers in the region.
The Americas Society/ Council of the Americas blog is covering events.

Election analysis is being undertaken by the OAS there are some recent press releases on the  website.

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