Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Sri Lanka Presidential elections 2015- were they fair?

Presidential elections were held in Sri Lanka on 8 January 2015,

The official results are now available on the Department for Elections website

where you can also get information on the electoral system and results from previous elections.

Sri Lankan which is supported by Upali newspapers has good news coverage of events. Plus English language texts of the manifestos from the main candidates.
Nation - Election coverage
Colombo Gazette has opinion poll coverage.

For accounts of the conduct of the elections see the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence. which has comuniques monitoring the 2015 events.
Ground Views blog which covers citizen journalism viewpoints.
Election Monitors were sent from the Commonwealth
Asian Network for Free Elections Analysis
PAFFREL  has analysis of election conduct and violence

Background information on the political and security situation can be found
on the International Crisis Group
Transparency International Sri Lanka has discussions of the state of democracy in the run up to the elections.
Sri Lanka brief has news and analysis on the elections conduct

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