Thursday, 18 February 2016

Uganda Elections- are there fears about violence?

Ugandans went to the polls on the 18th February
were the fears about violence real?
Certainly the US state department expressed fears.
 Here are some recommended academic resources.

Official sources.
 Electoral Commission - has legislation, rules and official results.
 IFES election guide has basic facts

African Arguments- supported by the Royal African Society has some backgound analysis of the importance of the elections.
Global Voices  has discussion from bloggers.This includes a good discussion of the role of social media in the elections.

News  coverage.
All  has coverage of news stories.

Techcabal has links to influential Twitter accounts including candidates, news sources

Uganda Elections 2016- Vision Group has created a good news site with headlines and polls.

Human Rights groups and observers.
Amnesty International Background reports.
Civil Rights Defenders Analysis
Womens Democracy network expressed concerns about gender issues that need to be addressed.
Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda has grassroots news, campaigns and reports. It includes coverage of campaigns directed at women.
Citizens Election Observers Network - commentary from grassroots observers.
Human Rights Watch
Commonwealth is observing the conduct of the elections
Also observing is the European Union. Preliminary reports can be obtained from the website.

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