Monday, 21 March 2016

Republic of Congo presidential elections - get the facts from our recommended resources

Presidential elections took place in Congo-Brazzaville this week.
Reuters reported on a media blackout
African Union is monitoring the conduct of the elections.

For background information on the human rights situation in the region see recent reports from
Amnesty International.
Freedom House refers to the region as not free
Human Rights Watch reports.

Guides to the electoral system and previous elections.
IFES election guide has facts and figures, plus information about the constitution and electoral system.
ACE Electoral project has a wealth of news stories and reports from previous elections
The Official electoral commission also has news, details and reports from 2013 onwards  (French).

News Coverage
Le Monde
Agence d’information d’Afrique Centrale (Government support)
Africa News 

Al-Jazeera journalist Haru Mutasa noted irregularities on voter rolls she saw as she observed the election. see examples on her twitter feed look at tweets from sunday 20th

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