Tuesday, 12 April 2016

EU referendum reports this week

 Jeremy Corbyn speech on why he is supporting Britain in Europe

IMF warning in World Economic outlook against Brexit

David Miliband speech in favour of Britain remaining in the EU via LabourList. 

A guide to the budget of the EU - IFS 

Brexit - the view from Germany - Interesting article in The Conversation.

Designation of official campaigns by the Electoral Commission
Press release explaining decision.

Brexit could slow housing market - Halifax house price report. March 2016

Hansard Society Audit of Political Engagement
The 13th annual edition of this key publication has just been published. Topics covered include interest in EU and certainty to vote in the referendum,

LSE has launched a 10-week video series featuring expert comment from the School’s academics on a wide range of issues relating to the EU referendum on 23 June


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