Thursday, 23 February 2017

New Factcheck sites for French Presidential elections

New Factcheck sites for French Presidential elections.

Newspapers pay a key role in forming the opinion of the French electorate according to the recent Baromètre des médias, l’intérêt des Français pour l’actualité au plus bas depuis 2002 published last week by newspaper La Croix and Kantar Public. According to this in terms of the 2017 presidential election. 74% felt that the media provided a source of verified information to follow the campaigns.

With recent concerns about Fake news Seventeen local and national newsrooms in France, including AFP, Buzzfeed News, Les Echos, Le Monde, Libération and La Voix Du Nord have joined a collaborative journalism verification project CrossCheck. which has been created by First Draft and Google News Lab. It will be formally launched on February 27th. It will be using a number of different tools to verify news accuracy including Google Trends, Crwod Tangle social media checking and Le Monde’s Le Décodex, a growing database of more than 600 news sites where users can enter a URL to find out if a site is considered ‘real;’ or ‘fake’

Another famous French fact checking site supported by  left leaning paper Libération, is Désintox, a site aimed at verifying and fact-checking political claims. Using the search engine on the site or the browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox, readers can find out how trustworthy a site is with the help of a colour-coded system. Green stands for highly reliable pages, sites marked in yellow should be read with caution, and red means a site which they feel often publishes fake news . Recently have also launched the more specific L'Oeil sur le Front” in November, which concentrates on claims attributed and made by Marine Le Pen’s right-wing party, the National Front.

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