Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Compare the candidates in the 2010 Labour Party elections

Unlock Democracy have just launched the Votematch tool to help you decide who you would support in the 2010 Labour Leadership election.

Some other useful places for finding news and discussion of the qualities of the candidates include newspapers
Many of the mainstream ones have special coverage.
For instance the Guardian has online video interviews, cartoons and stories.
The BBC has blogs and interviews as well as analysis of the candidates.
Channel 4 also has some interesting profiles and comments

Another interesting source of discussion are labour newsites.
Tribune magazine gives free access to some recent articles and comment.
Bloggers for Labour syndicates the latest comment from Twitter and bloggers among the Labour grassroots covering a wide range of topics!
LabourHome also has an interesting discussuion thread on the elections from Labour members and supporters.
Likewise more discussion on Labour List

finally Guido Fawkes for those seeking interesting comment and some cartoon images of the candidates!

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