Thursday, 2 September 2010

Labour Party leadership - other sources of research

Here are some useful websites for researching issues relating to the reform of the Labopur Party. Most dont address the election directly, but they are useful background on the type of thinking taking place in the party about its future direction.

Tribune magazine has online articles and discussion

Compass is a membership organisation which was launched in September 2003. It is composed of left of centre political thinkers who are seeking to critically discuss the future of Socialist/ Labour politics and government in the Uk. They include representatives from leading political think tanks Demos, Catalyst and the Fabian Society.

Open Left is a project aimed at renewing British left wing politics which was launched in 2009 by think tank Demos

Next Left is a blog mainatined by the Fabian Society

Renewal is a journal of labour politics which was established in 1993 by the UK Labour Party Central Co-ordinating Committee. It aims to promote dialogue about socialism. 'New Labour', the 'Third way,

Save the Labour Party grassroots group campaigning for more involvement from the rank and file.

Campaign for Labour Democracy
- again seeking more power fro the grassroots.

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