Friday, 11 February 2011

Looking forward to elections in Chad

Elections should be taking place in Chad on 13th Feb.
On of the best sources for starting research on the background and conduct of these seems to be EISAThe Electoral Institute of South Africa has a country profile page. This has facts and figures on previous elections, the full text of the constitution and some electoral laws.
Also valuable is the ACE elections website which has news, plus encyclopedia type entries on the electoral system with some examples of online electoral documents.
The Inter-Parliamentary Union website has an archive of information on the electoral system and past election results.
If you can read French you can also consult the official electoral commission website CENI - which has lists of candidates and decrees.
For up to date news. Try the EU election observation website. This will be reporting on the conduct of the elections.

AfrolineContains news stories from African reporters.
Charity Counterpart International has some news on its election promotion programmes.These include some useful example of Youth vote intiatives and gender intiatives.
Finally an excellent gateway to a wealth of materials discussing the politics and human rights is the Human Security gateway

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