Friday, 18 February 2011

Ugandan elections: what are the issues?

AS Uganda goes to the polls- here are some starting points.
The Guardian has a good discussion of the issues which it feels are at stake.
An excellent basic guide to the electoral system and past elections results is on the IFES website
Official information from the Ugandan government is located on the electoral commission website. Some of its materials are also loaded on the ACE project website
Up to date news coverage can be found on the
All Africa website - which has some reports from African journalists.
Uganda newspaper - the Daily Monitor has a special section with profiles of the candidates, polls and analysis. Another local news service is the New Vision online
Other sources of reports on human rights are big agencies such as
Amnesty International which reported recently on intimidation and abuses.
and Human Rights Watch and the Ugandan Human Rights Commission.
Global voices online - has a guide and comment from bloggers about the process.
Finally Uganda Watch 2011 is a website created to provide Ugandans with a way to share their observations about elections and to provide comprehensive information about elections from a variety of sources. Citizens can SMS 6090 to report election abuses, ask questions, or praise individuals or groups that are contributing to a good election. Messages are reviewed and validated by a team of trained reviewers employed by the Democracy Monitoring Group (DEMGroup).

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