Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Irish elections - starting points for tracing results.

This week Ireland has been to the polls.
Here are some good sites for background information on the Irish system
the ifes website has information on the electoral system.
Oireachtas Library & Research Service has 2009 Profiles of Each Dáil Constituency
Trinity College Dublin has produced a guide which reviews recent elections, highlighting good sites and sources. It includes materials relating to 2011.
Citizens information - has basic facts for electorate on how to vote and the electoral system.

Elections Ireland.org
The Elections Ireland.Org website is produced in association with renowned Irish political commentator Seán Donnelly. It provides listings, and some analysis, of all general election results in The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland since 1918. It also covers by-elections in Northern Ireland and Ireland from 1918 onwards, European Parliament elections in the region since 1999, and Irish presidential elections from 1938 onwards. Includes the latest results.

Newspaper coverage of the results, along with polls can be found on the following major services.
Irish Times
Interestingly enough the Houses of the Oireachtas Library & Research Service has compiled a detailed study which examined the influence opinion polls may have on voter behaviour and considered their accuracy in predicting Irish election results.

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