Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Haiti presidential elections

This week voting took place in the Haitian presidential elections.
here are some starting points for finding out more.
basic information on the electoral system and past results can be found on the IFES website.
The Haitian Election authority has its own website with official information in French about results counting and candidates.
The UN Mission in Haiti also has coverage of events, including statements, press releases and photos.
The OAS and Caricom observed the elections - statements on the conduct can be viewed on the OAS website.
Other observations on election conduct can be viewed in local newspapers:
Haiti Observer- which also has texts of debates between the presidential candidates.
Le Nouvellist -is one of the oldest newspapers. Headlines and coverage in French.
Haiti Libre - aims to offer alternative news from the people.
Alterpresse also aims to offer some alternative viewpoints.
Finally the Haitian Democracy Project has recent articles and analysis. This is a think tank launched by the Broookings Institution in 2002. It has received USAID funds

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