Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More receommended sites for welsh devolution

Following on from last week's referendum. A few more favourity sites for finding digitised materials on the progress of Welsh devolution

Ymgyrchu! : a century of political and social campaigning in Wales The website Ymgyrchu! presents a history of social and political campaigning in Wales throughout the twentieth century. Published by the National Library of Wales it uses a range of digitised resources, including documents, photographs, audio, and video files, which have been sourced from Library collections The content can be accessed through the timeline, by searching the site, or by a thematic approach. There are six themes, the Ballot Box, Labour Struggles, War and Peace, Devolution, the Welsh Language, and the Water Industry. These cover political themes like General and By-elections, women's suffrage, and the main political parties with a presence in Wales, labour history such as the Penrhyn Quarry Strikes, the General Strike of 1926, and the Miner's strikes throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Welsh involvement in the First and Second World Wars, the Spanish Civil War, and in CND and pacifist organisations. In addition to this there are also resources on disestablishment and devolution, Welsh language and education, and local campaigns such as those in Clywedog and Tryweryn. Also available on the site are educational notes, suggesting how the content could be tied in with the National Curriculum, and a bibliography.

Gathering the Jewels The Gathering the Jewels website provides free access to a fascinating collection of over 20,000 images of books, letters, photographs, prints and objects relating to Welsh economic, social and political history from Pre-history to the current day. It was created by a consortium of leading museum and libraries in Wales, including The National Library of Wales, National Museums and Galleries of Wales Federation of Welsh Museums, Archives Council Wales Royal Commission of Ancient and Historic Monuments Wales and Council of Museums in Wales. Themed topics include: education, health, the economy, the workplace, Welsh arts and culture, daily life, sport and leisure, law and order, protest and politics.

Constitution Unit UCL - was a major body which monitored the progress of regional government in the UK from 1999-2008. Read sopreports on progress during this time period from its website.

Cabinet office Devolution website provides access to information from the British government about the constitutional aspects of political devolution in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the English regions. It includes information on government policy, plus the full-text of key documents

Wales Governance Centre The Wales Governance Centre is based at Cardiff University. It conducts research into legal and political issues surrounding the Welsh Assembly and the devolution of government powers in the UK. Its website provides details on the purpose of the Centre and its current activities. It includes lists of its publications and links to other websites relating to the Welsh parliament and Welsh legislation.

Also useful is the conference paper archive of the Political Studies Association (UK) get free acess to relevant papers from academics.

want to learn more?
Politics of devolution: OpenLearn Course OpenLearn is a website produced by the Open University in the UK, that is making available free of charge thousands of hours of educational content to learners and educators interested in studying subjects at a higher education level. This section provides free access to an online course about political devolution and the relationship between the different nations that constitute the UK. It includes clearly defined learning outcomes; online readings; audio and video clips and exercises for self paced distance learning.

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