Thursday, 2 June 2011

Macedonia set for early elections June 5th - how is the web helping voters?

Macedonia has announced snap elections on June 5th
Reuters reported that it was seen as a way out of political deadlock.

Some useful sites for following the elections are
Offocial website of the Election Authority of Macedonia

Balkan Insight which has news stories, analysis and an interactive election map showing top candidates in the different regions.
SE times - also has news headlines.

Voters are being offered new web-based tools to help them keep track of politicians’ promises and the degree to which they fulfilled them.
Vistinomer - is a truth meter which compares promises made in 2008 with actions taken.
Glosmer - gives voters questions that help them decide which party is nearer their viewpoint.
Metamorphosis Group website discusses in English the development and use of these tools. It also has other documents on the use of ICT by government and democracy in Macedonia.
Another useful source on the state of democracy is watchdog MOST
and the OSCE which has deployed an observer mission and has copies of past reports on its website.

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