Monday, 13 June 2011

Turkey elections 2011 will they make a difference?

Another nation experiencing elections this week was Turkey
According to LSE Bloggers the political parties often stay the same IFES provides basic background on the electoral system and recent results
Key resources (in Turkish) include the official election commission website and a special website created by Google which has statistics and graphs of the results. These include details about trends in searches for specific candidates.
Newspaper coverage is available in
Hurriyet daily news which has a special section with results, news stories and analysis
Al-Jazeera also has a special English language section with coverage.
Istanbul notes is a well regarded blog which also has discussion.
Think tanks with discussion on the state of the Turkish political system and possible outcome. Include:
Council for Foreign Relations
Brookings Institution
and Carnegie Endowment
Finally view the findings of the Council of Europe fact finding mission to the elections

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