Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Thailand elections- use of social media

Recently elections took place in Thailand. These sites have some basic suggestions for keeping up with events.
IFES election site has facts and figures about the electoral system.
A number of news services discussed the use and limitations of social media in thailand. For instance see this article by Reuters
The Asian Correspondent also has some discussion of twitter. as does Global Voices online.
on YouTube this video from the Asian news Network argues that web 2.0 had limited impact.
Further discussion of thai politics can be found in the Bangkok Post which has a special elections section.
Council on Foreign Relations - US think tank.

NDI Thailand - which reviews the poltiical and democratic situation in the region.
Finally dont forget the Thai Politics @Leeds archive. This is a specialist research centre at Leeds University. Look at the resources section to see some recent articles on politics in Thailand. There is also an online image archive where you can find photos from 20 years of Thai politics including Thai political protest and 2007 election campaigns.

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