Friday, 18 November 2011

Coming soon Spanish elections!

Spain will soon be going to the polls. Here (with some help from my colleague Eugenie Gozalo-Velasco) are some recommended starting points!

Official website from the Ministry of the Interior
Use this to check for legislations, electoral laws, regulation of candidates and parties. Also has online collection of previous election results.
Includes a 2011 section.Earlier election results can also be found from Manuel Álvarez-Rivera's site which includes results from 1977 onwards.

Junta Electoral central has further official documents.

The Electoral Census Office/ Oficina del Censo Electoral
Get official statistics on voter registration.
Tribunal de Cuentas- The Spanish Court of Audit. Includes documents and press releases relating to elections.

Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas
Major conductor of public opinion polls amongst the Spanish public. Its website has information about its work and access to recent findings. Consult the databank for the latest barometers. These include recent voting intentions. Some information is offered in English.

El MundoIncludes polls analysis.
RTVE TV coverage Includes extensive video , analysis, films and graphs.
ABC. ES – TV coverage and analysis
EL Pais
Includes blogs with political satire cartoons
YouTube Channel contains videos, Google tendencies. site by Gonzalo González has news links to recent polls and surveys relating to Spanish 2011 elections.

OSCE will be assessing the conduct of the elections. See previous assessments on the website

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