Friday, 4 November 2011

Irish presidential elections 2011

This week the irish president was elected. here are some starting points for good quality facts about the election.
The Presidential Returning Officer website has the official results. Good graphs of the percentage achieved by each of the candidates. There is also a simple leaflet which explains the election process.
Results of past elections from 1938-2004 can also be downloaded.
RTE news has a special section with reports, analysis and social media from the election.
The Irish Independent also has a special section where you can find similar features.
Irish Times - special feature. This includes opnion polls, blogs and other social media. Look for vote 2011 external feature 2011 which highlights youtube videos from the campaigns - including today dancing candidates!
Other useful sources for Irish presidential elections are the website which is strong on data. based on the work of Seán Donnelly.

Irish National Election study has research and discussion of voting in Ireland. covering the period 2002-7

The Irish Social Science Data Archive also has further references to social and political attitude surveys covering the Irish electorate.

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