Friday, 4 May 2012

French presidential elections- this week's key debate

French presidential elections.

This week a key debate. See the coverage on the BBC.

France 2 records the high viewing figures. See some key moments

Daily motion currently has the full version.

For some reaction try Figaro which is scanning social media throughout the campaigns for mentions. And has high and low points for the candidates.

Another interesting social media site has been created by the WIKIPOL is a type of Wikipedia with encyclopedia style entries on the main candidates it has been completed in conjunction with avec Po. More than 1,000 key figures, politicians, advisers are covered. Each entry has biographical information, quotations, details on affiliations, lists of publications.

Also some humour sites (with thanks also to Lucile Deslignères, Librarian, Oxford University Language Centre, for some good suggestion)

Canal plus humour

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