Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Who is Francois Hollande?

The new French president is Francois Hollande
but who is he? acording to 20 minutes (from switzerland) he was so unknown in some quarters that he was mistaken for a woman by some journalists! what does he believe? here are some useful sources.
Official campaign site
Tous Pour Hollande more campaign materials
Official twitter - see what he is doing today!
Facebook site
Really useful is the entry in WikiPol from Slate
see also his supporters Repondre a Gauche
His official page at the Assemblee Nationale gives examples of recent parliamentary activity. eg questions asked.
Sister Republic Michael C. Behrent on French Politics has some English pre-election commentary.
Le Monde has articles, analysis and reporting of his activities.
Figaro - also has a similar section.

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