Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Social media and the US elections - key sites, resources

So now it is all over and pundits are discussing the role that social media played. The Guardian already has an article about how history will judge the role of the media.
Obama used twitter to record his victory and did his wife USA Today has remarks from famous personalities from their twitter accounts

The Twitter blog refers to 31 million tweets! It also has some figures about posts. Look at the special 2012 hashtag page for coverage
Huffington Post even asked why canadians were discussing the elections on twitter
According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project report on Social Media and Voting, 30 percent of registered voters have been encouraged to vote for President Obama or Mitt Romney by their friends and family on social networks
According to analytics service Topsy, Twitter users are sending nearly 30,000 messages per hour with the hashtag, #election2012

Topsy set up the Twitter election political Index.
there was also a political engagement page with state by state mappings of support for each candidate by number of tweets.
CNN teamed up with Facebook to offer tredns of analysis
Google US election trends. has statistics on internet search by candidate. Also links to major Youtube campaign sites.

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