Friday, 2 November 2012

US Elections - quiz up on the facts

Here are our selection of good quizzes and games some of which are educational!

USA Today - Candidate Match Game II
Find out who to vote for by answering 14 questionssurrounding the upcoming election.

Project Vote Smart - Vote Easy
A visual breakdown of 13 critical topics surrounding the 2012 election. Respond to each topic and the candidates are visually presented in front of the White House lawn based on the response.

The Advocates - World Smallest Political Quiz A 10 question quiz that displays the results on a unique gridded layout. Students will quickly be able to

270toWin &  Electoral College Resources
also 270toWin iPad App -
Great interactive website that allows students to explore the implications of candidates winning the electoral college votes around the country. The map can be manipulated and you can explore electoral college results going back to 1789.

RandMcNally - Play the Election Similar to 270toWin, this resource allows students to explore the country and current trends in each state. Electoral college voting can also be explored back to 1960.

New York Times Learning Network - 2012 Election Unit

MeoGraph Election 2012
 web 2.0 tool that allows students to create 4D digital stories, a combination of images, audio and text layered on top of a map of the United States.

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