Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Eastleigh by-elections get the facts

This week there will be a by-election in Eastleigh The seat became vacant on the official resignation of Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament (MP) Chris Huhne, who announced his intention to resign on 4 February, following his guilty plea to a charge of perverting the course of justice
Eastleigh Borough Council has official notices about candidates.
UK Polling report has a round up of the latest polls from UK agencies and newspapers.

Political Parties.

Libdem news has a round up of news and views from the LIBDem candidate.The Official libdem website has a statement. Eastleigh Libdems website has campaign information.
Labour Party official candidate site John O farrell twitter articles from the Guardian. Labour List comment from bloggers. Eastleigh labour campaign twitter
Colin Bex Wessex regionalists.
David Bishop elvis loves pets.
Peace Party candidate Jim Duggan,
Howling Laud Hope - real name Alan Hope - Monster Raving Loony Party.
Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings
Diane James UKIP
Iain Maclennan, National health Action Party.
Darren Proctor Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.
English Democrat Michael Walters

News services
The BBC local news website has a list of candidates and their responses to questions from the electorate.

The Guardian has statistics on previous elections and turnout. plus news & discussion
Independent politics coverage
Get local news from the Eastleigh daily Echo
The Spectator blog has commentary from a small by-election in Hampshire - not many dead!
The Politics home website has stories and news
Guido fawkes blog.
Huffington Post coverage.

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