Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Italian elections - find information on these academic sites?

A general election took place in italy on 24–25 February 2013 to determine the 630 members of the Italian Chamber of Deputies and the 315 elective members of the Senate
Here are some recommended academic sources.

The Ministry of the interior has an official website which details about regulations.
It also has a specialist section with results from 2013. For older materials see the historical archives.
The government also maintains an opinion poll site.Polls not allowed a fortnight before elections.
Assessments of the conduct of the elections by observer ODIHR

Newspaper coverage
Look at these sites for results and analysis

Corriere della sera
Repubblica - includes background guides to the electoral system

  Politometro- for electorate to find out who to vote for.
   Twitter Square. see how many followers candidates have and topics they are discussing
Termometro Politico - independent political and election news. Good coverage of the polls
You trend a project of Quorum social media and crowd website see electoral maps of participation relating to the elections. Methodology displayed on the website.
Quattrogatti- news site maintained by young professionals. Video content.

Pagella Politica
is an interesting site which claims to check facts from Italian politicians.
Bacheca Politica. also Focuses on political promises from leaders.

Finally the Italian National Election studies website ITANES - has information in English about surveys of the Italian electorate. Note more up to date material on the Italian version.

English language newspapers.

FT News
New York Times blog
Euractive this also has an Italian language observatory.
LSE Europp blog discussion.

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