Monday, 22 April 2013

Paraquay elections - were they fair? recommended academic resources

Last week Reporters without Frontiers stated that the Paraquay elections were marked by censorship
here are our recommended resources for finding out more
But what do others think?
here are some recommended academic resources.

IFES has background information on the electroal system and past results.
The government department Justicia Electoral has the official lists of candidates and results.
there is also some brief background on the Council of the Americas website
another good starting point is the Ace project which also links to reports assessing the state of the electoral system.

The BBC has a basic timeline of events and some news stories.
Paraquay newspapers with special election specials - containing analysis polls and news stories include
Ultima Horas
La nacion
ABC Color
Mercopress - south Atlantic news agency.

Election observers including the EU and other international agencies. User their websites to find assessments of the conduct of the elections.
EU mission

Background on the human rights and state of freedom in paraquay can be found on these websites.
Amnesty International
US Department of State human rights reports.
LAPOP latin america opnion polls also offers some data about life in the region. It includes assessements of corruption from citizens.

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